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Paz del Castillo
Pianist and composer of classical origin who focused her career to New Age Music, mainly solo piano, nowadays called Adult Contemporary Music.
Her long career has evolved through personally way, getting an own stamp into the notes that emanate from her piano.
Her discography consists on her four albums, “Moods for piano”, “Secretos del Corazon”,  “Eleven Drops” (apart of some issue unrealised and some collaboration) under Neuronium Rds Label, Barcelona-Spain , and the last one NOW edited and publised under THE BORDERLINE MUSIC RECORDS -Granada, Spain adn DiscBlau. All the albums produced by Paz del Castillo Music,except the first one  "Moods for piano" that was produced by Suzanne Ciani
MOODS FOR PIANO was a revelation into instrumental music,
piano solo. It was recorded at Seventh Wave Studios in SF, USA, producted by Suzanne Ciani. And it brought newness and freshness and surprised with tracks like "Bolinas" which one opens the album. It was reissued in 2011, under the same label but this time with and original and new Artist Edition Cover designed  by Michel Huygen.
"Secretos del corazon" is her second album, performed live in concert. The artist takes us through her tracks published in "Moods ..." and unreleased works drawing sensations that peaople can catch from the first note to the last one in the concert without any other added, only the music directly to the listener.
In 2013
"ELEVEN DROPS"  is published .Recorded at INFINITY Studios- MADRID, Spain. Pedro Baselga was the sound engineer and responsible for the recording ,edition and mastering with the help of Pablo Baselga. It was also published under Neuronium Rds label and  Michel Huygen was responsible for arts, paintings and all the cover art designs.
Produced by the artist, this new album for piano solo has "a special meaning " in which one there are new elements, touches not heard before, that have no intention of breakdown, but rather the contrary, assert on the piano and the beauty of it .
Latiendo”, "Beating" starts the album, and is one of the tracks that shows us the meaning of this new "Eleven drops".
The album had a great response both from the public and critics, international critics have echoed her work calling it as "high quality work, beauty and technical" (Joe
In Spain, "Beautiful! I personally think that it is the best of three albums ..." (Miguel Angel Espigares-” When I stop time " radio show (Onda Granada- Spain).
Thereby that from USA, The Creative Service Company agency through its president Randall Davis, charged personally the promotion of “Eleven Drops “ for United States and Canada, radio, media and printed media.
In 2012, Paz got directly into the TOP 100 of Zone Music Reporter, staying for several months at number 39 as the only Spanish artist, with her previous live album "Secrets of the Heart", so she has expressed her excitement and enthusiasm in a new campaign.
Her album "ELEVEN DROPS" reached the public and got the higher positions of the charts for more than five months, going directly to the
, and reaching # 1 into Music Choice , SOUNSCAPES channel, on January 2013.

The album continues in the TOP 100 MUSIC ZONE REPORTER.
In other wise and continuing the expansion of her work, Paz recently signed with Jingo Rds. the largest music publisher and distributor in Taiwan, so that in the next four years they will distributed "Moods for piano" and the last one "ELEVEN DROPS" for Asian market

This year 2015, she publish her 3th studio album, :"NOW" , 4th in her discography, that has been recorded last January in Madrid-Infinity Studios. Brand new 8 tracks for piano solo, it has been published under THE BORDERLINE MUSIC RDS. LABEL-GRANADA .SPAIN and Produced by the artist, Paz del Castillo Music. She's going to start the promotion for this fall and next 2016 playng all the album among ither works from Eleven Drops and Moods for Piano, in USA, Spain and she's going to promote it in Asia, as Jingo Rds.Artist